micah & amanda are married.

My photo buddy Destiny introduced me to this great couple.  On the drive over to start taking photos, I asked her which engagement session this couple was, and she said, “The really happy laughing one.”  That was exactly what their wedding was like as well.  Even though it was super hot during the few outdoor […]

romy & catherine are married.

Remember the engagement shoot where I almost died?  Well those two got married!  There were no photography related incidents during the day, although it was hot as all get out!  We had a really fun day with short bursts of photos outside with lots of water breaks and AC breaks.  I had never been to […]

sarah & jason are married.

What can I even begin to say about this day?  Everyone was pretty worried about the weather (it had been raining so much that the road out to the ceremony had been washed out), but we marched forward.  Sarah had been wanting to get married under that tree since she was a little girl, and […]