adventures in fostering pt. 2

I just now deleted a post I had made before we got licensed.  We were in the middle of putting the room together to get ready for the home visit.

We just celebrated the one-year anniversary of our guy living with us.

So I’m not the best at keeping up with posts.

The basics: we were planning on having a little guy come live with us until we could get our Big Guy to stay.  (I call him Mr. Bean online to help with privacy and because he likes Mr. Bean and because he kinda looks like him.)

Our plan did not work out, as we had no children stay with us until Mr. Bean moved in two months before he graduated high school.  Then we waited a whole year for this second child and slowly filled the room back up with crap but we still have Ol’ Long Legs.

[Quick note about this guy: We met him when he was 7 and Eric started working with him part time when he was 13.  When he turned 17 we started a long process of getting him used to the idea of living with us.  We plan on switching him over to adult residential with us when he ages out at 21.)

To be honest, we are really disappointed with the fact we never got that second kid.  I keep reading articles about how Kansas is super short on foster parents, and then I look at that bed and I don’t understand why it’s empty.  We waited forever for Mr. Bean and he was an obvious fit for us, so I’m hoping to fill that other bed soon.


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