recent photoshoots

I have done a couple shoots lately that I don’t normally do and obviously I’m going to need to take more, because these pictures are my jams.

Sawyer is One

I had for sure been looking forward to meeting this guy!  Every picture posted on Facebook of this guy gave me heart eyes.  He’s so darn cute and gave me my first opportunity for an official smash-cake…but it didn’t last too long because after an afternoon of fishing and posing, he was ready for a bottle and a rest, and I don’t blame him.


Rose Kiddos

I originally wanted to do a bunch of sunrise sessions, but that didn’t work out.  But because of that, I got to meet these three!  We adventured for a sunset session, and I loved every second.  allthreeDSC_0031DSC_0188-2DSC_0219

Fed is Best

Now this shoot was way out of my comfort zone!  I was asked by Jess Stitt if I would like to co-host a feeding shoot.  Sometimes it’s a breast-feeding shoot, but all were welcome!  It just so happened that everyone there breast-fed.  I loved it!  It was so beautiful to see these moms and babies bond like they did and the sun was just perfect.  DSC_0088DSC_0109DSC_0115Untitled-3DSC_0124


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