adventures in fostering pt. 2

I just now deleted a post I had made before we got licensed.  We were in the middle of putting the room together to get ready for the home visit.

We just celebrated the one-year anniversary of our guy living with us.

So I’m not the best at keeping up with posts.

The basics: we were planning on having a little guy come live with us until we could get our Big Guy to stay.  (I call him Mr. Bean online to help with privacy and because he likes Mr. Bean and because he kinda looks like him.)

Our plan did not work out, as we had no children stay with us until Mr. Bean moved in two months before he graduated high school.  Then we waited a whole year for this second child and slowly filled the room back up with crap but we still have Ol’ Long Legs.

[Quick note about this guy: We met him when he was 7 and Eric started working with him part time when he was 13.  When he turned 17 we started a long process of getting him used to the idea of living with us.  We plan on switching him over to adult residential with us when he ages out at 21.)

To be honest, we are really disappointed with the fact we never got that second kid.  I keep reading articles about how Kansas is super short on foster parents, and then I look at that bed and I don’t understand why it’s empty.  We waited forever for Mr. Bean and he was an obvious fit for us, so I’m hoping to fill that other bed soon.


zach & lindsey are married.

I love this pattern I have with weddings lately: people I have known forever.  It’s super fun to watch someone you knew in grade school get married.  Then you see other people there who you haven’t seen forever…it’s always a nice mini-reunion.  I reconnected with Lindsey and her sister in December, and that lead to her asking me to document her wedding!  She had a great idea for the first look location, and the venue felt like an old castle in the mountains.  They met at a biking club at Varsity Donuts in Manhattan, so bike decor was scattered throughout, and of course, purple donuts.  And the most gorgeous wedding ring ever invented!



micah & amanda are married.

My photo buddy Destiny introduced me to this great couple.  On the drive over to start taking photos, I asked her which engagement session this couple was, and she said, “The really happy laughing one.”  That was exactly what their wedding was like as well.  Even though it was super hot during the few outdoor photos, they were just so sweet together and never stopped smiling.  I’m thankful I got to meet them and attend this wedding, and here are some of my favorites from the day.


a year of craft shows

I have officially been doing craft shows for a year.

I also have an official count of how many I have done: 11.

Here is my very first booth:


I borrowed the table from the venue, and all of my inventory could fit in a suitcase, and I only offered frames and hoops (and one sad mug).

Here’s the last booth as of the writing of this post:


Only one table is borrowed (I don’t even think the people I borrowed it from even know I have it anymore…does that make it mine?) and if I have a full booth like this, with my tent, then I can’t fit everything in my car.  This was all shoved into a big ol’ truck.  I now have frames, hoops, prints, mugs, bunting, and bags.

A few of those shows I have walked away, and felt very proud and pumped to go home and make more art.

A couple of those shows, I went home and didn’t want to do any ever again.

Only one time did I not make back my booth fee.   That was rough.  I spent about twenty minutes feeling very sorry for myself, and like I just should go home and have a large bonfire and burn it all.  But by the end of the day, I realized that I had learned something valuable.  The people there aren’t my people.

I spent this year trying to find my people, meaning those who are interested in my buying my art.  During the show, it is very hard to have so many people walk by your booth and clearly have no interest.  It’s less difficult when the people come into the booth and talk about how great everything is, and still choose not to buy anything.  At least I know people appreciate what I’m doing!

It’s amusing to me when my innocent art upsets people so much they have the need to comment loudly about how expensive it is.  Or how horrifying it is that I would “ruin” books.  My quick defense is that my mom is a librarian and she is probably my biggest supporter (second only to Husband).

After each difficult show, I go home and sleep forever and decide whether or not I should apply again.  I also re-evaluate my pricing and my items according to how people reacted to everything.  Since most of my items are one of kind, I end up listing some on my online shop.

Instead of throwing in the towel completely after my terrible show, I decided to reprice everything and change how I do my display.  The next show was one of my better shows! I don’t know if it was more that this was the right show for me, or the pricing, but I did notice that people shopped differently.

This Christmas, I have four weekends in a row full of shows.  FOUR WEEKENDS.  I don’t know if that makes me crazy or awesome, but I’m looking forward to it.


recent photoshoots

I have done a couple shoots lately that I don’t normally do and obviously I’m going to need to take more, because these pictures are my jams.

Sawyer is One

I had for sure been looking forward to meeting this guy!  Every picture posted on Facebook of this guy gave me heart eyes.  He’s so darn cute and gave me my first opportunity for an official smash-cake…but it didn’t last too long because after an afternoon of fishing and posing, he was ready for a bottle and a rest, and I don’t blame him.


Rose Kiddos

I originally wanted to do a bunch of sunrise sessions, but that didn’t work out.  But because of that, I got to meet these three!  We adventured for a sunset session, and I loved every second.  allthreeDSC_0031DSC_0188-2DSC_0219

Fed is Best

Now this shoot was way out of my comfort zone!  I was asked by Jess Stitt if I would like to co-host a feeding shoot.  Sometimes it’s a breast-feeding shoot, but all were welcome!  It just so happened that everyone there breast-fed.  I loved it!  It was so beautiful to see these moms and babies bond like they did and the sun was just perfect.  DSC_0088DSC_0109DSC_0115Untitled-3DSC_0124


Currently, I have a cold.

When I have a cold, all I want to eat is:
Chicken nuggets
Spicy Cheez-its
Ice Cream

I also take as much off brand Day-Quil as science will allow me.

I would have called into work today, but I had to finish my Mandt training and it’s only offered once a month.  I probably got everyone in the room sick since we had to hug on each other for a couple hours.

I am eating cough drops like candy.

I am watching the second season of Orphan Black.

I am listening to Hamilton whenever Husband is not home and I want to watch Orphan Black but need to wait for him.

I am impatiently waiting for the season premiere of Last Man on Earth.

My throat is on fire.

I saw The Little Mermaid at the local community theater last Friday and it was the best.  Mostly because I love Disney and musicals so Disney musicals make the world go ’round.  Also, the tickets were free and included dinner.  No problems here.

I play too much Pokemon Go and so my phone is always dead.

I have a new cat named Mabel Pines.

My plan right now is to eat at least 18 more cough drops so I can fight another day.






romy & catherine are married.

Remember the engagement shoot where I almost died?  Well those two got married!  There were no photography related incidents during the day, although it was hot as all get out!  We had a really fun day with short bursts of photos outside with lots of water breaks and AC breaks.  I had never been to this venue before and you could tell that Romy and Catherine put little details everywhere to really make their day special.












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